Getting Started with Google Analytics


Viewing Google Analytics Data

Having inserted your Tracking Code into your web pages as described in the previous section (and uploaded your web pages to your web server) Google will start collecting data immediately.


To view your Analytics data

Log in to your Analytics account.

• The "Home" page of your Google Analytics Account should be displayed. It has a table displaying some basic information in its columns like "Sessions", "Avg. Session Duration", "Bounce Rate" etc.

• The rows are for your Views, presented (in indented fashion) as View within Product within Account.

• Click on a View and you will be taken to the "Reporting" tab with that View's data presented to you.

• Use the calendar control in the top-right corner to set the date range that you want to see reports for.

• Use the menu on the left to select the report you want to see.


You should spend some time looking at the various reports - to see what's available if nothing else. I'd recommend the following to the beginner:

Audience > Geo > Location (shows where in the world your web site was accessed from).

Audience > Behavior > Engagement (shows either how long users spent on your site or how many pages they looked at).

Audience > Users Flow (shows how users navigated their way through your web site).

Acquisition > Overview (shows how users got to your site - search engine, link from another web site, bookmark/keyed-in URL).

Behavior > Site Content > All Pages (shows how many times each web page was viewed).

Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages (shows which pages user sessions started on).

Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings (shows how fast/slow your web pages load).