Getting Started with Google Analytics


Verifying ownership of your Web Site


The Google Analytics web site might, at some point, ask you to prove that you own the web site you are asking them to collect data for. They will provide a block of mark-up and expect you to embed it in the <head> section of the home page of your web site.


Here's an example of what they might ask you to insert:


<meta name="google-site-verification" content="ru2CO7aszbZD5y5vdeFQX5tT8KvN6IwA98BApYjuGak" />


For those that aren't using ViziGen-Page for their web design work what you want to achieve is something like the following:




   <meta name="google-site-verification" content="ru2CO7aszbZD5y5vdeFQX5tT8KvN6IwA98BApYjuGak"




It doesn't matter where you place the line of mark-up in the <head> section.


Those using ViziGen-Page for their web design work should do the following:

1) Open the web site project in ViziGen-Page.

2) Select the home page of the web site on the Folder Tree tab.

3) Flip to the Page Tree tab.

4) Expand the root node of the tree view and right click on the <head> tree node.

5) Select "Create Head Line..." in the context menu that is displayed.

6) As part of filling out the form that gets presented enter the Google markup into the field with the label "The Line(s)".

7) Re-generate and upload as normal on the Web Site Files tab.