Getting Started with Google Analytics


Signing up for Google Analytics


Though it's an extremely simple procedure to perform when you know what you're doing it can be quite confusing if you don't. This is mainly because the term "Account" has three meanings so far as Google Analytics is concerned. Thus when you are asked to "Sign In", or "Create an Account", or "Sign Up" you could be left puzzled as to what you are trying to achieve.


The basic idea is that you have to have a general purpose Google account - what they call “One Google Account for everything Google” or “One account. All of Google.” If you've got one - no problem. If not - go to to the Google Accounts Home Page and get one.


Next go to the Google Analytics Home Page. What you see will depend on whether you are already logged into your "Google Account for Everything", and whether or not you've signed up for Analytics yet.


If you see "Sign in" or "create an account",  at the top (or wherever), these mean sign-in to your “One Google Account for everything Google”, or create one of these accounts. They've got nothing to do with Analytics... So sign in...


What happens when you're signed-in will depend on whether or not you've signed-up for Google Analytics yet. If you have there'll be a link for "Access Google Analytics" - which you would obviously click on. If not there'll be a "Sign Up" link - this means sign-up for Google Analytics (just to be absolutely clear). If you see this link then click on it.


The Google Analytics Sign-up Form


As the form will no doubt change as soon as I've finished writing this I'll leave you to fill it out on your own - rather than provide useless instructions. However, there are a couple of fields that are worth trying to explain - to avoid confusion.


Account Name

You'll be asked for "Account Name". The context implies that this is the name of your Analytics Account - but it isn't... No, it's just the name of the first of up to 100 "Accounts" that you can create within your Google Analytics Account. Don't worry too much about what to put for Account Name - you can change it later. Click here to read up on "Account" if you want to know more now. Otherwise things will be explained when you need to know.


Website Name

You'll be asked for "Website Name" (and web site URL too) in connection with "Product". Put what you like for the name and obviously enter the appropriate URL for your web site. Don't worry what a "Product" is at this stage - I'll explain when you need to know. Click here to read up on Product if you want to know now.


Sometimes (only sometimes it seems to me) you get asked to verify that you own the web site. Click here to view the instructions for verifying ownership of a domain.


Use your common sense to fill out the rest of the form.


What Happens Next?


Having filled out the Google Analytics sign-up form you will have a Google Analytics Account. When you take a look you will see that it contains an "Account" and a "Product" and a "View". You don't need to know/understand what these are at this stage but please click here if you want to find out more about Account and Product now. What you should do next is insert the Product's Tracking Code into your web pages. This is the next item in the Contents but you can click here to go directly to it.