Getting Started with Google Analytics


Inserting the Tracking Code into your Web Pages

Click here to read up on the Tracking Code itself if you don't understand what it is. In the rest of this section I'll explain how you get hold of your Tracking Code and how/where you insert in in your web pages.


Obtain the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Get into Google Analytics.


Once inside Analytics, click on "Admin" at the top of the Page. At the time of  writing the other options are "Home", "Reporting", and "Customization". When the Admin page is displayed you'll see three columns entitled "ACCOUNT", "PROPERTY", and "VIEW".  If you have more than one Account set up select the one you want to work on. Then select the Property, if it isn't already showing. Under the Property click on "Tracking Info", and then click on "Tracking Code". Copy the Tracking Code to the clipboard.


Setting your web pages up for Google Analytics

You must embed the Tracking Code in the <head> section of every web page that you want to feature in your Analytics reports.


Those using web design tool ViziGen-Page should follow the procedure set down here for the template (or templates) of every web page that needs to be reported on. Alternatively individual pages can be tracked by adapting the procedure set down here for the Page Tree tab, instead of the Globals tab.


So, for ViziGen-Page users...


1) Open the web site's project in ViziGen-Page.

2) Go to the Globals tab.

3) Expand the Templates tree node and select/expand the tree node of the  template you want to modify.

4) Right-click on the "<head>" tree node and select "Create Head Line..." from the context menu.

5) Paste the Tracking Code into the field with the label "The Line(s)".

6) Complete the rest of the form and click on "Create". Note: It doesn't matter were the new <head> markup is located.


Repeat this for every template, as required. Please note that having created one <head> line you can copy it to the clipboard and then paste it into any other templates as required. If you choose to insert the Tracking Code into individual web pages you will do so on the Page Tree tab, adding to the <head> section featured directly under the root treenode.


When you're done simply go to the Web Site Files tab, re-generate, and click on "Start" to upload all modified files to your web server.


As soon as your web site files are published data will start accumulating.