Getting Started with Google Analytics


Custom Views

A "View" is basically the Analytics data that has been collected for a "Product", or a subset of that data.


A "Product" is basically a big bucket of data that has been gathered from all the web pages that feature the Product's Tracking Code.


The default View for a Product contains all of the data for the associated Product. You can customise this View (for example by applying a Filter) - or you can create a new View and customise that. Google's advice is that you keep one View totally uncustomised.


A custom View is one that you customise for a specific purpose. Each Product can have 25 Views. The advice from Google is that you create a test View to develop and test any customisation you attempt and only deploy such customisation to your production Views when you are confident you won't be messing things up. If you are just getting started with Analytics this won't matter too much but if you have five years of data in a particular View you won't want to corrupt it...


So what's the general idea behind Views? Well they enable you to partition your Product data - for example into geographical regions i.e. where your web pages were viewed from e.g. Continent, Country, City. There are a huge number of ways you can filter your data so the best thing to do is to work out what you want and then study Filters to find a way of doing it. The Filters section on this web site will point you to tutorial material on the Google Analytics Academy web site.