Getting Started with Google Analytics



Google Analytics is a scheme whereby Google collect data about the usage of your web site and then make it available to you for analysis and reporting using a wide variety of reports.


The primary resource for learning Google Analytics must be Google's own training material.

Click here to access it.


The purpose of this web site is to get you started with Google Analytics quickly - skipping all the theory and getting you collecting data in the shortest possible time. It's for people who learn best by doing things rather than studying them. It is primarily intended for users of the web design tool ViziGen-Page but it is being written in as general a way as possible to make it useful for those using other web design tools.




Signing up for Google Analytics


Verifying ownership of your Web Site


Inserting the Tracking Code into your Web Pages


Viewing your Analytics Data


Custom Views


Event Tracking


Tracking Clicks on embedded YouTube Videos


Reference Material


Entity Hiearchy (Accounts & Products etc)


Tracking Code


Google's Analytics Academy